Anonymous said: Your so hot!

I said:

haha why thank you xx

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Anonymous said: youre literally perfect. Everything about you is beautiful just remember that(:

I said:

awww thanksss dearest anon, you are wonderful ! xxx

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Phenergan, promethazine

If anyone has ever taken this tablet, it’s a little blue one and it’s triggered by tablet doses etc please can you message me, I really need some advice, I’m a little panicky and I can’t find the answer to my question anywhere, THANK YOU!

Anonymous said: I don't mean to invade and u don't have to reply to this but I was just wondering y u say ur parents hate u? What happened darling?

I said:

hello, I kinda answered this in my last ask posted, I don’t really want to give derect reasons because it’s all a bit too personal x

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Anonymous said: Sweetie I don't know what u necessarily mean by "done" but plz don't give up! U r my main inspiration and many other peoples and u r one of the strongest ppl ever❤️ keep fighting beautiful xx

I said:

thank you, this means a lot, I hope you’re having a good week and smile lots xxx

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Anonymous said: Beautiful girlie stay strong :') if you don't mind me asking, why do you feel you're parents don't love you? (I'm sure they do!) xxx

I said:

Hello! I could give you a whole list of reasons, it’s been a massive problem for me for a fair few years, but every time I confront them or do something due to these feelings and tell them, things change for like 2 weeks max  then everything goes back to normal. tbh I am not speaking to my parents right now, and I don’t think I will for a while, by hay ho, life is life. thank you for your message xxx

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Anonymous said: hi i just came across your blog and i must say you're very pretty. im glad to see you're recovering. go drink yourself a lovely cup of coffee, you deserve it. have a great day!

I said:

awwww this is so cute, thank you! you know my boyfriend sent me a photo this morning of chocolate chip drink syrup, I really want him to get me some for my coffee! haha nice random fact for you there, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to you, you are a very kind person and I am thankful xxx

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Tonight my best friend and I snook mcdonalds into the cinema and had a picnic!
It was great! Now I’m chilling at home for a bit before going to stay at Adams 😊

Best text ever “hey baby, are you still awake” ohhh Adam, you are amazing ❤️😘

Recovery perk!

One of the best feelings ever is craving something and allowing yourself to have it!
Tuna melt why thank you 😃

Plan for the week!

1, Do not give in to any urges. I am so close to another major bench mark.
2, Support Adam as much as possible (he’s having a hard time at work)
3, Good intake
4, Try and make it to Friday with £50!

Monday- Oh right yeah, that’s today, I chilled with Adam and was productive in my room.
Tuesday- Chilled out day, maybe some dancing if I’m up for it, cute cocktails, meal out and catch up with Sarah!
Wednesday- Work 11-3, Cinema with Jacob ft McDonalds picnic in the cinema (shhhhh)
Thursday- Swimming with Adam, therapy then chill time.
Friday- Work and a little shopping for my handbag (yey it’s payday)
Saturday- Drive to Leeds for Nats birthday with Sarah whoop, probs eat takeaway and get realllly drunk!
Sunday- shopping/ nat birthday/driving home!

Anonymous said: Hello lovely girl How are you doing today ?

I said:

Hello! thank you for asking :) this is going to be a rather long post so brace yourself!

I have a fair few messages in my ask box and I’m sorry I’ve not answered, I will do soon, but not tonight sorry!

I’m ermmm ok. I stayed at Adams last night, and we may have said those three little words, which I know we have both been wanting to say for a while but I didn’t want to rush etc. And last night we just had lots of amazing Rosie and Adam time, cuddles etc, it’s so nice to just be with him. We woke up, lazed in bed, had subway then chilled in the garden for ages! He had to go to work at 3 though and I came home.

I am ignoring my parents at the moment, petty I know, but when ever I speak to them I want to kill myself so why should I put myself in that situation just so we can brush things under the carpet and play happy families. I refuse to give into urge as last time we argued like this / they just enforce my vue that they don’t love or like me, I ended up in A&E. But I didn’t have Adam then, and I do now. I really care about him and my recovery so screw my parents. They don’t care so why should I make the effort?

Anyway I came home, tidyed my bedside table, under my bed and my dressing table (it looks lovely eeek) while listening to loud music and snapchatting Adam. I got rid of a whole bin bag of pointless shit whoop!

Now I have eaten (which is so hard today grrr stupid brain) put on a shit load of eczema cream, because it’s really bad atm and I’ve got into bed with Otto (my dog) watching Valliant!

So I am ok when I’m with Adam, but when I’m not, I crash at 1000miles an hour. I have a busy nice week, which I will do another post on in a bit! Thank you for this, it’s been rather nice reflecting on my day, good and bad points! I hope you’ve had a good day yourself xxx

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I just love unicorns, ok? Good!